Clicker enables retailers to increase sales by adding installation and assembly options fulfilled by top-rated service companies
of customers prefer Amazon and other top online retailers and big-box stores because of the installation/assembly option offered during checkout.
more retailers of home appliances and furniture in the US started offering assembly and installation services in Q1-Q3 2019 as a way to handle competition.
Why end-to-end installation and assembly experience is essential?
Attract customers y providing great end-to-end assembly/installation experience
Increase customer satisfaction
How it will benefit your business?
Increase revenue
Upsell additional services and earn up to 30%
Sell more products
Offer free installation with featured products to drive sales
Save time and money
Cut down costs on managing third party assembly/installation partners up to 70%
How it works?
The customer buys goods that need installation or assembly either online or in-store.
Books required services at checkout or after some time via online widget or in-store voucher.
Chooses a convenient time for the professionals to come and install or assemble the product.
Highly-rated professionals from the local service company show up on time and fully-equipped.
The customer pays in advance, or after all work is completed.
The customer leaves feedback or contacts professional support team for further help or queries.
Detailed statistic on fulfilled orders is available to the retailer
Clicker can be integrated by adding a single line of code to your online shop or offline point of sale. Our widget automatically matches products in customers cart with relevant services.
Easy and quick integration
What you'll get
Highly-rated Pros
We partner with dozens of background checked service companies and provide national coverage. We can also onboard your current partners to our system.
Price is known in advance
When ordering, the customer chooses all installation options in Clicker widget. Price is not going to change.
Hassle-free payment
Your customers will have options on how and when to pay: in advance (in-store or when ordering online) or after the installation is completed, cash or by card.
Happiness guarantee
If the customer is not fully satisfied, we'll send another Pro to make things right or offer a refund.
Retailer's dashboard
In member's area all information on completed orders is available, including customer reviews, satisfaction statistics, service companies ratings and more.
Please leave your name, email or phone number and we will get back to you with all the details as soon as possible.
Please leave your name, email or phone number and we will get back to you with all the details as soon as possible.